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HairStyle Girls 2018

The hair viewer page is divided into long hairstyles and short hairstyles and illustrates approved grooming standards such as hair dimensions, bulk of hair and width of buns. This is an interactive viewer–clicking on any of the hairstyles from the home page enables a 360 degree view of the hairstyle. Moving the cursor left and right across a Sailor’s photo rotates the head to show front, side and back of hair styles. Below each photograph is an explanation of the regulations that are specific to that particular hairstyle. The online hair viewer should help Sailors better understand the regulation requirements. It is impossible to address every situation and every hairstyle. The ultimate judgment call still lies with commanders. In addition to feedback on Fleet policies and Sailor resources, Sailors had suggestions about the hair policies for new recruits. Beginning January 2015, Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) will initiate a pilot program to cease mandatory female haircuts at Recruit Training Command (RTC) and Officer Training Command (OTC). The pilot was established after receiving feedback that junior Sailors and officers are not taught proper grooming standards during their initial training. Grooming standards education will be incorporated into the curriculum, but will not impact other training. This will allow women to style longer hair in the same manner that they would wear it daily in the Fleet while providing the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the standards before transferring to the Fleet. If desired, women will still have the opportunity to cut their hair upon arrival and during training at RTC and OTC. Sailor feedback and questions on the new hairstyle guidelines and other uniform policies are always welcome. As always, Sailors can reach out to the Uniform Matters Office by emailing

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